Standing Stone


Date de sortie: 1997-11-24
Label: EMI Classics
Format: DVD
Producteur: Frances Peters & Chris Swann

Side I
The world premiere performance of Standing Stone (a symphonic poem in four movements) at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 14 October 1997

Movement I After heavy light years
1 Fire/rain. Allegro energico
2 Cell growth. Semplice
3 ‘Human’ theme. Maestoso

Movement II He awoke startled
4 Meditation. Contemplativo
5 Crystal ship. Con moto scherzando
6 Sea voyage. Pulsating, with cool jazz feel
7 Lost at sea. Sognando
8 Release. Allegro con spirito

Movement III Subtle colours merged soft contours
9 Safe haven/standing stone. Pastorale con moto
10 Peaceful moment. Andante tranquillo
11 Messenger. Energico
12 Lament. Lamentoso
13 Trance. Misterioso
14 Eclipse. Eroico

Movement IV Strings pluck, horns blow, drums beat
15 Glory Tales. Trionfale
16 Fugal celebration. L’istesso tempo. Fresco
17 Rustic dance. Rustico
18 Love duet. Andante intimo
19 Celebration. Andante

Performed by London Symphony Orchestra & London Symphony Chorus

Side II
The documentary of the creation of the work
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